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    The crocus in my yard is blooming! I planted them 2 years ago so they’ve naturally multiplied! These bulbs are so nice to see year after year!!…

  • Photography

    Gardens Abloom

    I had thought I’d formatted this SD Card with all the photos on it but I had just been absentminded and swapped out a clean one and forgotten. I love the Atlanta…

  • Photography

    Fall In Vogel State Park

    One of my goals this year, after all that’s happened, was to spend autumn just exploring Georgia State Parks to absorb the colors. I mean to do it every year, but previously…

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    The same day we hit up the Pumpkin patch, we also hit up the sunflower field nearby. We had no plans to do this prior, but when we drove by it I…

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    Fall has arrived in Georgia and the weather is simply spectacular. Jeremy and I both had this Friday off – giving us a rare opportunity to go check out some of the…

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    The summer heat is waning a little bit here in Atlanta. I can wake up in the early morning and enjoy some temps in the mid-seventies before we wind up at a…