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    Boston Harbor

    I wanted to post a lot more photos from Boston but I really didn’t take that many. I was busy having fun with Jeremy, my brother, and our friend Zac. I always…

  • Photography, Writings

    See Ya Summer

    It’s hard to say goodbye. The end of summer always leaves me feeling tension – a strange discomfort I feel as I notice the increasingly dim evenings. The brisk air and clear…

  • Photography

    March Florals

    My neighborhood is in total bloom!! March is such a gorgeous month in my neighborhood!! For these few weeks my walks are prettier and each day gets warmer and warmer. My neighbors…

  • Photography


    The crocus in my yard is blooming! I planted them 2 years ago so they’ve naturally multiplied! These bulbs are so nice to see year after year!!…

  • Photography

    Gardens Abloom

    I had thought I’d formatted this SD Card with all the photos on it but I had just been absentminded and swapped out a clean one and forgotten. I love the Atlanta…

  • Photography

    Fall In Vogel State Park

    One of my goals this year, after all that’s happened, was to spend autumn just exploring Georgia State Parks to absorb the colors. I mean to do it every year, but previously…