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  • Red, Orange and Purple Tulips in the Rain


    I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens a couple of weekends ago and got myself some Tulip fever.  I picked these up at Costco and have loved watching them bloom, since! The…

  • Photography

    Spring in Duluth

    Winter always feels long and dreary here in Georgia. I always blame my South Indian genetics for why I feel the way I do about winter but really, who loves dead trees…

  • Photography

    Everything’s Flowering

    The trees have erupted into pinks and whites all over Atlanta! The weather has been generous and we’ve had some beautiful, sunny days paired with perfect temps between 65 and 75.  …

  • Photography


    I made a small flower arrangement for Valentines weekends. :) I have always loved flowers!…

  • Photography


    Every year I relive the same stupid love affair with Georgia weather. I pine for the warm breeze, green leaves, and bunches of flowers to replace the dreary dead trees, freezing temps,…

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    Orange Flowers

    We have started populating our deck with plenty of flowers and plants. One of my favorites is this Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana, which is not only easy to take care of, but beautiful as…

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    Evening Walk

    One of my favorite outdoor hangouts is McDaniel Farm Park. Featured plenty of times on this blog, this place is really magical. I don’t know of any other place that retains its…