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    Botanical Gardens

    Join me for a trip through our botanical gardens here in Atlanta! It’s the middle of winter and most things are dead but the different beauty of a botanical garden in winter…

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    Look Up

    I get a rush when I look up at skyscrapers. It’s a symptom of the love I have for this city, and all cities in general. Hubs of so many different people…

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    I’ve started to take a look around my house again. I didn’t have space in my brain to continue to do the things required for home improvement for the past year but…

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    Do it

    I’ve heard a lot of  ‘do it daily’ opinions across the blogs I read lately. Essentially, the challenge is to produce something of quality to push your talent and skill forward incrementally…

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    Pink Dogwood

    Few flowering trees have the staying power of the pink dogwood in your memory.  It’s like finding a giant bush of pink four leaf clovers… you just feel lucky standing there in front…

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    I arranged this set of flowers yesterday, as a way to relax. I’m not built for wedding planning.  I’ll have more peace when this is all over and forgotten.…