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    My favorite furpal. She’ll be 12 this go-round the sun.  May the badassery never cease!…

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    A While

    My poor neglected blog! The last time I touched it was my brother’s birthday in August! It’s halfway through November! In October I had the pleasure of shooting two weddings and a…

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    Some Old Photos

    My mom and I were looking through some photo albums and I found some photos from India, of me and my cousins. Here is my family at the Scripture Union camp center,…

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    Review: Kampai

    Japanese is one of my favorite cuisines. I love how diverse their food is in both taste and presentation. I have been wanting to get better at food photography and decided to…

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    Georgian Sunsets

    I always am bragging about the awesome sunsets we get here in Ga. I was heading out to get some sushi the other around 8:45 for a late dinner and saw this!…