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  • Wallpapers


    I’ve taken to making wallpapers again. Jeremy was very generous to me this Christmas and bought me a Macbook Pro! It’s changing the way I choose to do web development and greatly…

  • Wallpapers

    Clean Bandit

      This song makes me feel all sorts of romantic. I’m working on the New York city photos here and there but my priority is the wedding I shot last weekend.  I’m…

  • Zedd Spectrum Wallpaper


    I think about concerts for weeks in advance. I love imagining what I’m going to do, how I’ll dance, what I’ll wear, and of course, how I’ll sneak a decent camera into…

  • Wallpapers

    Great Scott

    Life’s SO DAMN FULL that I wish I had a time machine! Or a clone! But today I have just a wallpaper to remind myself how awesome all this is. You can…

  • Quotes, Wallpapers


      I was especially inspired by Ron Swanson today. Enjoy this wallpaper! It’s on my desktop. :)…

  • Wallpapers


    Just a fun inspirational quote for today. It’s wallpaper sized if you download it.…

  • Art, Wallpapers

    Georgia on my Mind

    I made this typographic wallpaper ages ago and wanted to write up a tutorial on how to do fun patterned text like this but I’m such a lazy ass I never did.…