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    Just a quote that’s been meaningful to me lately.  Just tossed it over a photo of bubbles I took a while ago.  Can you tell I just love this font? I couldn’t…

  • Wallpapers


    Triple whammy today. You all get a Friday Finds, a wallpaper & some photography! Lucky you. :) This is one of the funnier quotes I have heard before.  Multiple sources were quoted…

  • Wallpapers


    I made a random wallpaper for fun with one of my favorite quotes. I like making art meaningful. How do you interpret the image? Resources: here, here and here.…

  • Graphic Design, Wallpapers


    I felt like it was time for another quote wallpaper. Here’s one of my favorites from Doris Mortman. Got any favorite quotes you’d like me to play with?…

  • Photography, Wallpapers


    For a while I had a mild obsession with rainbows and glitter in fun photography. This is one of my more popular wallpapers on deviantart running at just under 43,000 downloads so…