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  • Photography

    The Magic

    The magic of macro photography is really in your face, sudden understanding of the intricacy of life even at a tiny scale. How different would our life, our technology, and our outlook…

  • Photography

    All Time Low

    This is a picture of the bum of a little stuffed elephant with a small wild seed pod and frond on it filtered using a red vintage look. IS THAT HIPSTER ENOUGH…

  • Photography


    The flowers are out everywhere and I’m not the only one out enjoying their beauty. This little guy was navigating the yellow bits to get to the nice sweet insides.   The…

  • Photography


    I promised Ami I would put up the Vegas pictures like 8 months ago. Now is as good a time as any right?…

  • Little Musroom Inhabitant

    The Littlest

    Can a bug be any smaller and cuter? Note: those mushroom heads are each smaller than a dime. :)…

  • Photography


    I found a Luna moth while vacationing in North Carolina earlier last month.  They’ve got fantastic antennae. Lovely colors and.. just an amazing creature overall.…

  • Photography

    Moon Edge

    The allure of macro photography lies in the finest details missed by the eye, even when looking closely at something amazing. This is the Luna moth’s wing edge. It’s so fine.. like…

  • Photography


    I was making a small landscape in a pot using mosses and other items from the lawn and other green places. This small plant was so cute! :)…

  • Photography


    I was walking through a local farm park the other day and saw lots of teeny pine cones everywhere.   I just thought they were super-adorable. Spring has sprung, people.  The neverending headaches…