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    So.. I scheduled today’s other post like a week and a half ago.  Nothing tells you how much of a big whiner you are than your past self whining at you today!…

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    It looks like my friends and I are planning another cabin trip coming up in February. This time it’ll be a ski trip. I’ve never gone skiing before so I’m getting pretty…

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    More Fall Goodness

    Another series of images I took last weekend and the weekend before of fall glory! :) The leaves are like an inch deep in some parts. Fall can be even more stunning…

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    I was at Jones Bridge Park on Friday for a work function. The river was full its colors  looked like the colors of the surrounding trees. On closer inspection, it was a…

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    It’s not often the forest invites you in to sample the secrets of a road past the bridge of tines.…

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    A helicopter flies over a beach near Ft. Myers. Military stuff has always intrigued me.…