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    The Tools

       Sometimes I look back at my photos from a few years ago and marvel at what I was able to accomplish despite my limited tools. This daddy long legs macro was…

  • Photography


    The nearly clear legs of this spider accent the background so well! By the way, I pretty much hate spiders and had to take this from pretty far away. :)…

  • Photography

    Italian Insect

    These little hornworms that live on the roses turn the colors of whatever it is they’re eating.  This one made it through a few leaves before moving on to the rose petals.…

  • Photography


    I’m starting to work with some premium filters and love the end results. They really speed up my workflow for a lot of things. Here’s a butterfly I’ve shot before. I liked…

  • Photography

    Painted Butterfly

    I accidentally posted this on flickr already so I might as well drop it on here too. This butterfly was enjoying the african daisies in my front yard when I was watering…