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    Throwback #004

    Have you sensed that I have been perusing my New York City photos again? I’ve got the itch to go visit. Bad. I want to spend an entire week there, like we…

  • General

    Throwback #002

    Reprocessing this old photograph for Throwback Thursday editing stirred up something. This photo was taken in 2009, the week of July 4th. We were up visiting family and had just two days…

  • Photography

    Look Up

    I get a rush when I look up at skyscrapers. It’s a symptom of the love I have for this city, and all cities in general. Hubs of so many different people…

  • Photography

    New York City : Radio City

    We didn’t spend enough time in New York City for me to truly be able to explore and capture this bustling, beautiful city. I’ve got to make a trip up there sometime.…