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    So what have I been doing since the 21st of December? On the 22nd, I contracted God knows what after a day out with my cousins. Three days of epic fever and…

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    I’m just going to save myself thought and name every post India. Maybe. I’ve been here three days now. The time is flying much like I thought it would. There has been…

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    I started noticing some random links appearing all over my pages and posts but ONLY in my RSS feed. I did a little digging and it turns out my akismet plugin directory…

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    I’ve cut back on so much this year. I kind of want to go back to eating Fado & perusing cakes at Café Intermezzo. I also want a Canon 5D Mk II…

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    Hmm – Hiatus

    My blog’s been experiencing some interesting side effects of certain malware. It’s taking a little longer to cleanup than expected, but I should be up and running next week. thanks guys–…