We picked up a Canon 5D MK IV in the Black Friday sales last week and I took it for a spin. Specifically I’d been curious about the improved autofocus that’s been touted across many blogs for the past few months. After using the camera on birds, handheld, at the telephoto end of the lens – I am sold. This thing focuses considerably better than the Mk III. The center focus point of the 61 total points just absolutely locks on with very few issue. When shooting small birds, it’s very difficult to get them in focus – they love moving, they jump around, and fly from branch to branch. I often have just tenths of seconds to get my shot – if the bird even faces me for the tiny fraction of time it’s checking its surroundings. I came out with at least double the number of usable shots I could have expected from the Mk III. I can’t imagine what this is going to help me do for fast paced wedding shots. Also- the live view autofocus is absolutely stellar and I’m really enjoying composing my shots in the back panel for low to the ground or up-high vantage points. Overall a winner! I can’t wait to take it on my next adventure.

Here’s a few bird shots from today:

Okay, she’s not a bird but I love creepin’ on Molly anyway. :)